Promotional stationery design


The idea was to give a weekly fair an open visibility, for that purpose we took over the main front of the exhibition ground and decided to display a big banner that could be seen from everywhere around.

We took a romantic and modern aesthetic, altogether with the fact that this is a fair that displays designers original products. We decided to go towards the pastel tones with a mixture of inks and a watercolor finish in greens and browns, related to earth and nature.


Once we decided on the view we were going for, flyer design that went with the banner and would continue to follow all these aesthetic changes was really simple, following the same earthy color palette and letting people know whatever they need about the Fair.

We were also asked that the flyer included information in English language, so we needed to review the way to display all this without exceeding the flyer’s space in a 10x15 cm. sheet.

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