The cobbler's wife goes unshod


Would you trust a chef that doesn’t make his own food?

Neither would we.

In SWC we are passionate in developing projects and we do it not only for our clients but for us. Some companies talk about their projects as experiments, we do not. Our projects are born as ideas and they become a reality to work out and benefit thousands of people around the world.

Meet some of our projects


Our blog about programming and design is among the most read in Argentina. SOURCE: MINUTOUNO.COM / TELAM

Project objectives

  • Start a communication channel with the web designers and programmers community.
  • Improve our skills through feedback.
  • Contribute with other agencies and freelance professionals all over the world.
  • Improve our communication levels through the usage of new tools.
  • Positioning ourselves as a reliable source of information for the community.
  • +10.000 subscribers
  • +6.000 posts
  • +24.000.000 visits
  • +1.550.000 shared in social networks


Our free graphic resource sites for designers.

Project objectives

  • To build a quality resources repository in both Spanish and English.
  • Generate a platform in which designers and companies would share their resources.
  • Categorize graphic resources in an efficient way, making it easier to access for other professionals
  • Create a place where designers could share their works to the world.
  • Propose and alternative so companies that are looking for professionals would find them with an active portfolio.
  • +576.000 registered users
  • +15.400 resources
  • +900.000 shared in social networks

GEOAUTOS.COM (In progress)

Our multiplatform application for the automobile care.

Project objectives

  • To offer a free tool for people that would help in organizing their vehicle maintenance.
  • Creating an online application designed and developed in Argentina and exported to the world.
  • Implementing a multi platform application available for web, mobiles and tablets.
  • Optimizing the way people maintain their vehicles.
  • Improve the safety and taking care of ecology through the right use of the software.

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